There are some very dirty tactics used in the collections world. Are any of these familiar?

  • Harassing Phone calls, non stop
  • Embarrassing questions to neighbors and Employers
  • Lies (you name it, they’ll lie about it)
  • Threats! (100% illegal, but it happens)
  • False judgements without correct judicial process
  • Restarting Expiration dates on Loans
  • Making up interest and fees
  • Reporting invalid debt information
  • Attempting to seize assets that are not related
  • Calling loans due ahead of schedule
  • Lowering lines of credit

It’s no wonder that collection agencies are often ignored and hidden from. Luckily there are laws that stop collection agencies from doing these under handed tactics.

Help Against Collection Agencies

There are ways to stop collections, slow them down and give you breathing room to run your business and your life. If you want help, you will almost always have to hire a professional to talk you through the ins and outs.